I create realistic animal portraits, I write about and draw whimsical characters for picture books, and I teach people how to draw those things with my online courses.

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Current happenings:

August 4, 2019

Things are hot and steamy in August and that's no exception with my Studio!

BRAND NEW!!!! I'm offering online art coaching/private drawing lessons and critiques, check it out under the LEARN tab above.   Later in the year I will be launching a class called "Drawing with Dogs!"  More to come!

I'm currently working on several K9 commissions and a magazine article with demo photos for how I create my K9 portraits.

Here are my latest completed pieces.

K9 Autumn is a beautiful dog. Her owner asked me to create a portrait of her so that when the cancer that is slowly stealing her life away, finally succeeds, they will be able to remember her when she was happy and healthy.

"The Lion and the Lamb" is a private commission for Vocation Ministries and will be auctioned off in September to support their ministry.

Check out their website at: