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One of the missions of the art I create, is to bring public awareness to the importance of the K9 and provide a priceless remembrance for the handler.  I set up a GoFundMe at for people who want to support my charitable K9 mission.  

In addition to creating K9 portraits, I create portraits of pets, digital and traditional.  When I'm not creating art I can be found chasing my adorable Pomeranians and Australian Shepherd around our home or tending to my gardens!

If you are dying to know more, here are 2 wild things you don't know about me...

1. I started going grey in high school.  But when I stopped coloring and perming my hair, it turned into the crazy, mass of curls it is today!  Au naturale!

2. I took up bodybuilding at age 40 and competed for 3 years in "Figure"!

3. I took up kickboxing after a high school student attempted to assault me and I now pack one heck of a punch/kick!

I'm an award-winning, internationally published artist, writer and teacher based in New Hampshire.  Since 1986 I've created animal portraits, illustrated picture books and have taught drawing through private lessons and public high school classes.    

In 2016 I was made an Honorary Member of the NH Canine Trooper's Association for the memorial portraits I create for the handler's of deceased K9's.  I create art out of my Manchester, New Hampshire and Wells, Maine studios.