K9  Portraits

This page is a showcase of the various K9 police dog portraits I have created.  

If you would like to commission a portrait please visit my COMMISSIONING A PORTRAIT  page for information.  If you are a handler and would like to commission a portrait, please contact me for special pricing.

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K9 Timber

"Amazing job Christine!!!  You

captured my boy perfectly!  

         K9 Veda                   

"The picture of Veda is stunning!!!  Thanks very much!"

Trooper. Dan L.,   NHSP

Officer Jordan M.

K9 Casper

K9 Xena

K9 Ranger

K9 Dutch

K9 Porcha

K9 Lola

K9 Jasper

K9 Genghis

K9 Brutus

K9 Kody

K9 Autumn

K9 Lucky

K9 Oakley

K9 Ike