Private  Lessons  and   Art Critiques

ART Critiques

With video art critiques, I will help you transform your art and take it to a whole new level.  Videos are generally 5-10 minutes in length.

Two options are available:

1. Critique of one piece of art.  

This option is a good selection for a work-in-progress.  This may include a "draw over" if needed.

2. Critique of your portfolio as a whole (12-20 pieces).

This option is good if you are preparing for a college portfolio submission or if you'd like guidance on how to showcase your work for potential clients.

Images are to be emailed to Your video will be posted to a password protected private page on this website.

Private drawing lessons include:

1.Constructive critiques of your art

2. Video, audio OR typed postings of the critiques

3. Individualized drawing lessons tailored to your personal drawing goals

4. "Draw overs" on your work for you to see areas where you can improve

Monthly subscription: $35

Yearly membership (one month free): $385 Yearly membership is non-refundable.

Private Drawing Lesson Subscription

One piece of art



Portfolio of work



Video sample coming soon...

Drawing Lessons

Video sample coming soon...

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"I've always loved drawing ever since I was a kid. Being in Christine's drawing class made me realize that I wanted to pursue drawing as a potential career.  Her advanced level art class prepared me for what's to come when I attend art school in the Fall.  I would've never thought of pursuing drawing after high school if it wasn't for her!"

Ashley R.

"Christine creates an inviting community where students are able to share their art and receive constructive feedback to enhance artistic growth."

E. Noelle

If you have questions about Private Drawing Lessons please click the email below.