Online Lessons

"Christine Dion is an amazing art teacher.  She is incredibly skilled and enjoys sharing her knowledge with students."

Ben Z.

On my Patreon page I'm providing videos that will teach you how to draw!  No matter what your skill level: Scribbler, Connector, Developer or Creator, come "Draw Like Dion" and take your art to the next level!

Availablity is limited so I can provide focused 1:1 coaching for you to develop your best drawing abilities!  Secure your spot today before it fills up!  


1. Easy to follow videos for all levels and experience, pursue drawing at your own pace.

2. Materials list with direct links to easily order the same supplies I use (located here).

3. Your input on drawing lessons - additional videos created based upon YOUR feedback on what you want to learn.

4. 1:1 Video drawing critiques of your work from me to take your art to the next level.

5. Graphite, colored pencil and pen/ink

CLICK HERE: to sign up ($25 per month tier)

What kind of "draw-er" are you?

Draw Like Dion!

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